Arthur Herbert

Arthur Herbert currently serves as your representative on the Montevallo City Council. Arthur’s background in management, education, and community engagement have translated well into legislative leadership. He is committed to maintaining government transparency, providing deliberate and thoughtful governance, and conserving/growing the city’s historical, natural, and financial resources for current and future generations. Arthur practices responsive representation by listening to and promptly addressing constituent concerns.


I am proud to represent you on the City Council, and I want to continue to work for you and our community. We all love Montevallo and want to keep it healthy and vibrant. Here are my key strategies to accomplish this goal:

  • I advocate for projects that preserve and protect our natural and human-made resources, grow local businesses, enhance our lively arts scene, and support our public schools.
  • I conduct extensive independent research on important issues and am committed to understanding an issue thoroughly before making decisions. While this work is time-intensive, my efforts have improved the quality and outcomes of council debate.
  • I truly believe that diversity of opinion makes for a stronger representative democracy, and your input makes for a better Montevallo. I maintain prompt and detailed communication with my constituents and welcome your participation in the legislative process.

I’m asking you to vote for me on August 25th – allow me to continue to serve you in this critically important role.

Photo Credit - Alyssa Green / Alyssa Green / Fotowerks Custom Photography